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RE: Bow to new friends

Post by Daisuke » Sat 02.04.2006 7:38 pm

Cloud_Strife wrote:
I have nothing against you Daisuke..and yes you have all right to post what you want as I have done myself. I called Bryant the kid though. I am discontinuing any further posts about the subject. I guess I am not here to defend people in forums..just to enjoy conversations about japanese.
lol, Bryant is a big baby! :p .. Well, yea, forget this conversation anyway.

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RE: Bow to new friends

Post by keatonatron » Sun 02.05.2006 12:56 am

hikitsurisan wrote:
Could anyone enlighten me on how the Japanese manage text messaging? And is there a kind of subculture re text spelling like there is here?
Japanese text messaging is actually MUCH more convenient than English. Since each character in Japanese is the equivalent of a consonent AND vowel in English, it takes half the time :) On my cell phone, it takes 12 key presses to write おはよう. How many does it take to write "good morning"? :o There really isn't that much of a text message culture though.... There are some small things done on computer, like "w" stands for 笑う, and means the user is laughing (like lol), and "v" means either a heart or a peace sign (two fingers). However, people generally write the way they talking.

But to relate it to the topic at hand, in Japanese small spelling mistakes... are not small at all!!!

If I wrote "good morgnin" you could still figure out what I mean, but if I wrote おがよう (a one-key mistake on a keyboard) no one has any idea what that is.

Edit: I forgot to elaborate: in Japanese it's so natural to leave out so many parts of the sentence, that even if you make something super-short it still sounds natural. In English, you can't leave stuff out, and doing so gives you the text messaging style you talked about.
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