to respond in agreement?

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to respond in agreement?

Post by hamsterfreak4evr » Wed 01.25.2006 10:49 pm

if someone were to say they like cats or something, is there a word you could say to respond in agreement similar to "same" or "me too". also it just sounds a little awkward if you ask someone how they are and they reply "genki desu. anata wa" and you reply plainly with the same "genki desu" just wondering if anyone could help me, thanks!!B)

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RE: to respond in agreement?

Post by natemb » Thu 01.26.2006 1:02 am

Yes, there is such a word! It is the particle "mo". Just stick it on the end of watashi and you get "me too":

(Watashi wa) neko ga suki desu. - I like cats.
Watashi mo. - Me too!

Genki desu. Anata wa? - I'm good, and you?
Watashi mo genki desu. - I'm good too.

You can also use mo after other nouns and pronouns to mean "too" or "also":
Neko ga suki desu. - I like cats.
Inu mo suki desu. - I like dogs too.

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RE: to respond in agreement?

Post by clay » Thu 01.26.2006 5:16 am

Another common way to say "I agree" is 賛成 (san sei). But this is used to show agreements in decisions not really for personal likes or dislikes.

For example:
sorosoro gohan o tabemashou ka
soon-food-(direct object marker)-let's eat-question marker
Shall we eat soon?

san sei!
I'd vote for that!

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