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Post by Cloud_Strife » Thu 02.02.2006 10:08 am

Hey..I am new...and I am tying to learn Japanese. I am pretty good with languages though I only speak english. I havn't had much time to learn any languages for that past few years...though japanese was my favorite that I always wanted to learn. I ordered Pimsleur's 3rd edition level I course. I need it to help with my pronunciation and the overall listening and hearing of the language. I just got down hirigana..and I am going to start on katakana soon. I dread kanji though. I really think Japan is an interesting place...and I have thought so most of my life. I hope to work there maybe some day. I am in Afghanistan at the moment..helping endure freedom..though I am not military. If a rocket or mortar doesnt get me..then I hope to get back home and go to college and major in business and computer networking..or something that will help me get to Japan.
This site looks interesting and I think the forums will benefit me the most..especially with my questions. Thinking about the language gives me a boost of adrenaline when times are getting tough over here. I just wish I had more time at the moment.
If I only had more time.

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Post by amego » Thu 02.02.2006 10:27 am

Hope you can be home or be in Japan soon!!! Anyway this is an ICHIBAN site!!! :D

You seem to be really running out of time, dude, fear not. As they say, time is only relative....
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