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Post by josh_mac » Sun 02.12.2006 6:11 pm

Hi everyone,
my name Is Josh and I am 13 years old, When I am older I dream of living in Japan working in Graphic+website design. Over the last few years I have been drawn to Japan... I dont know why, but I love everything about it. I started learning the language at the start of december and I no know all the katakana and about 50 kanji, but I want to get more serious now and have purchased many textbooks I am aiming to fly to London (I live in Jersey, in the channel islands) to take the 4 kyu jlpt in december. Am I old enough to take it?
Looking forward to talking to you all!:D

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RE: Hi!

Post by Zeo » Sun 02.12.2006 6:18 pm

Welcome to this site! I hope you'll enjoy it. :D

As for the JLPT test, as far as I know there shouldn't be any problems for you taking the test when you are 13 (14 then?). ;) But I might be wrong though.

Anyway, welcome, have a great time here. :)

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RE: Hi!

Post by Takeo Saeki » Sun 02.12.2006 6:25 pm

Welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll find it useful. It's interesting, fun, relatively easy, and the other members are all friendly and helpful. Hope you'll enjoy it here! :)

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RE: Hi!

Post by josh_mac » Sun 02.12.2006 6:31 pm

thanks everyone! yeah I will be 14 then!

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RE: Hi!

Post by Daisuke » Tue 02.14.2006 11:45 am

Good luck studying for JLPT! ;)

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RE: Hi!

Post by Hitomi » Tue 02.14.2006 11:48 am



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