greetings everyone

New members may introduce themselves in this forum
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greetings everyone

Post by johnny_dragoz » Thu 02.16.2006 5:26 am

hi everyone.....:D
i'm dragoz (not the real name of course)
i'm new here...

i don't know why, but since the last year i really want to learn japanese language...
it seems that i'm devoted to it...

the first time i'm interested at this langguage is when i watch FRIENDS
a movie starring Kyoko Fukada (she's one of my fav artist:D)

so i gather some info and try to find out more about this langguage and kyoko...
i found some helpfull programs that teach me how to speak n' write in japanese..
but it does't help alot, cuz i don't have enough motivation to do it.

untl i watch the full series of "azumanga daioh"(i love chiyo-chan and her cuteness)
then i learn some word from the series....

and fortunately i found this great site when i was lookin for japanese proverbs and kanji...

so here i am...
a newbie...
hoping that i will make new friends here...

and learn more about the japanese langguage....

so everyone...
yoroshiku onegaishimas (am i write it right?:|)

btw: i'm sorry cuz my english is not so good too
to all things comes an end

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RE: greetings everyone

Post by george_fred » Thu 02.16.2006 8:22 am

Hello. ^__^ I'm Alicia. I just joined yesterday so I'm new too. :D Welcome to the site.
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RE: greetings everyone

Post by GyakuGirePanda » Thu 02.16.2006 9:39 am

ようこそ!Welcome. have fun :D

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RE: greetings everyone

Post by Zeo » Thu 02.16.2006 9:44 am

Hello, hello!
Welcome to this site! Have fun, just ask here on the forums if you need help or something. ;)

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RE: greetings everyone

Post by Hitomi » Thu 02.16.2006 11:19 am

Hi dragozさん。
はじめまして!Have fun studying Japanese!:)

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