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Postby chchan45 » Wed 03.01.2006 10:18 am

Hello everybody,

Good afternoon. I found this site only very recently. It seems like a good site with a lot of visitors.

I am working in a technical job in the United Kingdom but my work involves a lot of written communication with Japanese companies. Therefore my writing/reading is good, but my conversational skills are awful. I am working hard to improve my listening skills because I may need to actually talk to the people in the Japanese companies very soon.

1. Are there many native Japanese people frequenting this board to be able to answer questions in more difficult areas of the language?
2. There are some multimedia (e.g. video clips, .wmv files, etc) material in which I cannot work out everything being said. I would like somebody to "fill in the gaps". Is it possible to ask such questions on this board, and if so could somebody kindly advice me which board is the best one to post?
3. If possible, I would like to answer some simple questions but I am not a native speaker. Is there anywhere on your profiles to make it clear?

Thank you in advance.
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RE: Hello

Postby Zeo » Wed 03.01.2006 11:37 am

Hello, hello!

Welcome to this site. ;)

1. Yes, we got some natives here in the forums. Just ask your question in the forums, and I'm sure you'll get good answers. :)

2. I think you should post your question in the "Translation Questions or Discussion" forum.

3. If you want to answer questions that are asked in the forums, then just answer on the thread. :) But I guess you could write it in your signature that you don't mind helping other people with basic japanese if they got questions. ;) But you can just check the Translation Questions or Discussion forum every now and then, I guess you'll find threads you can help people on there. :) ;)

Anyway, welcome, and enjoy. :)

- Zeo
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RE: Hello

Postby chchan45 » Wed 03.01.2006 6:25 pm

Thank you Zeo, I will use the forum as you suggested.

I will also investigate setting up an appropriate signature.
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RE: Hello

Postby Sachi » Wed 03.01.2006 6:47 pm

Welcome to the site! Good luck learning :) I'm sure you'll find this site very useful for answers, and also fun for overall learning!
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