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Postby Kyra » Wed 03.01.2006 3:58 pm

Kyra desu.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.:)
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RE: Konnichwa~

Postby Daisuke » Wed 03.01.2006 4:55 pm

Hajimemashite Kyra-san.

I hope you will like to be on this forum. :)
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RE: Konnichwa~

Postby Zeo » Wed 03.01.2006 5:08 pm

はじめまして kyraさん

Hope you will find this page vey useful. ;)
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RE: Konnichwa~

Postby Sachi » Wed 03.01.2006 6:54 pm

Welcome to the site! :D
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RE: Konnichwa~

Postby TrilinguisT » Mon 03.06.2006 12:05 pm

hajimemashite TrilinguisT to moushimasu. sannen mae ni nihongo wo benkyoshimashita. geemu ga daisuki da yo. douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.:D
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