Konnichi wa!

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Konnichi wa!

Post by prep_girl_Nessa » Tue 03.07.2006 3:41 am

Hi, I'm a newbie to this site, but I know a little bit of Japanese already. I want to learn Japanese because I love the culture and the people. I also really love the J-pop and I want to understand it better.

I was considering teaching English in Japan sometime later in my life, but I don't really like English lol. I still want to go to Japan one day!

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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by kattosan » Tue 03.07.2006 4:06 am

Welcome, I'm new too :)

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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by _allismine_ » Tue 03.07.2006 5:13 am

I'm a newbie as well. :( lol
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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by Daisuke » Tue 03.07.2006 6:33 am

Welcome everyone! :D

There's nothing wrong being a newbie. We were all newbies once. :) So visit much and post participate in conversations, then you won't be considered new for long time. :)

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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by amego » Tue 03.07.2006 6:50 am

HiHi konnichiwa! Welcome to TJP! This site is full of info so do enjoy your time here. :D
I still want to go to Japan one day!
Yea me too! Learning Japanese w/o going to Japan to experience the real thing seems incomplete to me. :p

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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by sikago » Thu 03.09.2006 7:43 am

What it comes down to is.....Japan rocks!!.....sometimes literally :(
and Pittsburgh is great to......my favourite American city I have ever been to!

this is my 1st comment...congratulations

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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by Satoyaki » Thu 03.09.2006 10:49 am

tru' 'dat

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RE: Konnichi wa!

Post by TokyoRoze » Thu 03.09.2006 9:45 pm

You guys enjoy your stay here or else im going to cry for no reason
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