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View topic - こんにちわ!! はじめまして.

こんにちわ!! はじめまして.

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こんにちわ!! はじめまして.

Postby kciddor » Tue 03.07.2006 5:28 pm

わたしはfayeです. わたしは新がぽる人です. はじめまして. どおぞよろしく.

anything wrong with the sentence!?? please correct me if there is. :)
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RE: こんにちわ!! はじめまして.

Postby richvh » Tue 03.07.2006 5:59 pm

Just one thing, it should have been シンガポール人 instead of 新がぽる人.
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RE: こんにちわ!! はじめまして.

Postby Sachi » Tue 03.07.2006 6:19 pm

Welcome :)

I just have to say, I love your name ^^ "Faye" was actually my "pen name" for awhile ;)

("pen name" in quotes, because I'm not an author.... yet. Aspiring, though!)
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