hi im new

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sakura kissu
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hi im new

Post by sakura kissu » Thu 03.09.2006 10:05 pm

hiaaaaaa im new and i dont know any japanese
if anyone could help me that would be great !!!

and i want to say thanx to tokyoroze ^___^ for helping me do this

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RE: hi im new

Post by TokyoRoze » Thu 03.09.2006 10:07 pm

Yokoso ^_^
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RE: hi im new

Post by Daisuke » Fri 03.10.2006 12:42 pm

Welcome to TheJapanesePage. :)

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RE: hi im new

Post by CrazzyWarrior » Fri 03.10.2006 1:15 pm

Welcome. Hope you have fun here, on the left part of the screen are some links that contain some helpful information, if you have questions feal free to ask and we will help you the best we can.
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RE: hi im new

Post by forbiddendesigner » Fri 03.10.2006 1:28 pm

hey neat
:) ;) :| B) :o
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RE: hi im new

Post by Zeo » Fri 03.10.2006 2:05 pm

Hello, hello!
Welcome to TheJapanesePage.com!

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