Saikin Dou?!

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Saikin Dou?!

Post by NatsuGaijin » Thu 03.16.2006 3:13 pm

Hey japanesepage people!
My name is Natsuko. I prefer Nat.
I try to visit my relatives in Nihon every summer, but
now it is gradually becoming impossible.

September 2006 I will have japanese student exchange
and I wish to improve my nihongo skills.
I am currently taking japanese night school, but sometimes I feel
it is moving too slowly.

Welp thats about it.

Ja ne ^_^

[ Nihon Ni Ikitai ] + [ 忘れられている]

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RE: Saikin Dou?!

Post by Hensha » Thu 03.16.2006 7:16 pm

Wow. I wish I were you, I've always wanted to visit Japan. And that you're Japanese, that's even cooler! Welcome to the forums, and I hope you have fun. B)




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