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Hello to all of you!

New members may introduce themselves in this forum

Hello to all of you!

Postby Eriol » Sun 03.19.2006 8:14 am

Hello, I'm a new member here. My name is Eriol. I have studied Nihongo for 6 months and currently preparing myself for Shokyu 2 exam next week. I'm looking forward to become friend with you all. Please help me with the nihongo! ;)
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RE: Hello to all of you!

Postby ShinDig » Sun 03.19.2006 9:35 am

hajimemashite :) hope you have fun learning here :) and you can create threads on any problems your having or pm one of us for help, if you need it ;)

see ya around :)
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RE: Hello to all of you!

Postby kanadajin » Sun 03.19.2006 12:01 pm

Welcome Eriol :D This site is very helpful so im sure everyone will be willing to help you. Jaa ne
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RE: Hello to all of you!

Postby Roronoa Zoro » Sun 03.19.2006 12:04 pm

this is a great web and im sure youll learn a lot of 日本語
mata ne!!
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