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...I guess this is a bit embarassing for me... I dunno why but I always feel embarassed when introducing myself. My name is Matt and I started getting into the language when I was young. I saw a Ninja Turtles movie about ancient Japan and I found myself thinking that "Im gonna be a japan-man!" :P Yeah, I know. It was a little kid fantasy.

But I got into Nintendo and other videogames. Got the Playstation and other stuff... not rich so don't think I own it all! I only have two PS games... But either way my interests in videogames fueled another small desire to learn the language. It wasn't strong enough I guess as I gave up before even trying.

Then I guess I started watching too much Cartoon Network as I saw the English Naruto and loved the show. Someone showed me a Japanese episode and ever since I was hooked on the show and since they were speaking in Japanese I grew more interested. Even now that I haven't seen the show in a while I still am interested.

Perhaps I just needed more encouragement to learn. I saw a thread on a forums I go to about learning Japanese. (Yes the Nintendo forums.) Sadly it was closed because they only allowed the English language. But that along with all the other things just made me more interested as I read the replies. Finally I found this place and started looking at the language. Sadly no one else was with me when I did so and, even though it's only been a few days, it's a bit rougher when no one cares or wants to hear about the language other than me.

I guess that's why I joined the place. Because the people here are also learning, or have learned, the language and it's a bit nicer to have someone to talk to about it and help me along. Maybe this is a bit too long of an intro :P. I'll end it off here by saying that I hope to talk to people and make new friends and learn the language that has been a growing interest for a long time.

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