hello 4rm Minnesota!!

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hello 4rm Minnesota!!

Post by drift_ryusuke » Mon 03.20.2006 1:19 am

yo, just wanted to say hi to everyone on here!!! I studied japanese in all my 4 years in high school and kinda rusty now but still good enough to understand the basics...hehehe...well im into anime, japanese cars, drawing, and whatever stuff i do along the way. well, I hope to get 2 know u all sooner or later!! sayonara menasan!!!!

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RE: hello 4rm Minnesota!!

Post by AJBryant » Mon 03.20.2006 12:07 pm

Allow me to make a small suggestion.

Remember that you aren't IM'ing someone here. You're not text messaging. You're writing on a message board in a forum. THat means you have time to think out your messages and spell them out properly. Not everyone here is a native speaker or would understand "Wassup, U? L8R!"

Basically, it's like this: if the messages you post don't show that you consider US important enough to actually take the time to write proper English to, don't be too surprised if people don't take THEIR time to respond to you.

That being said --

Welcome to the mad house. :)


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RE: hello 4rm Minnesota!!

Post by hizoka_darkwolf » Mon 03.20.2006 6:58 pm

irasshaimase! (O_O)!

hi! ryusuke. what anime do you like?
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