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Post by BillyNero » Mon 03.20.2006 7:24 am

Hello from Portugal.
I've decided to learn Japanese on my own and came across this site, so, konichi wa, to all of you.
Obviously, I only know a loose word/expression or two so I'm starting from scratch.

I would love to hear suggestions as to what would be a good way to start learning here.

Right now my main concern is, should I start by learning Hiragana, ignoring the meaning for now and then move to grammar or the other way around?

Thanks in advance,

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RE: Greetings

Post by keatonatron » Mon 03.20.2006 7:57 am

Yes. Don't worry about ANYTHING until you learn Hiragana and Katakana.

Once that's done, check out Actually, I guess you can check it out before you learn Hiragana, because it begins by teaching you Hiragana :D

Look up any words you don't know here, and as you go through the guide, you can ask questions on this forum to help further your studies.

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RE: Greetings

Post by GyakuGirePanda » Mon 03.20.2006 10:50 am

Hello and welcome. have fun here! :)

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