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Hi everyone =)

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Hi everyone =)

Postby falchion » Sat 03.25.2006 11:34 pm

My name is Stephanie, but I go by the nickname of Pikachu. (since 5th grade.) I'm starting to learn Japanese.. I'm not exactly sure what the main reason was, but I guess I want to be able to understand some lyrics, like Gackt, Miyavi, or Dir en Grey's songs. (loves the song Vanilla by Gackt). I like drawing, taking pictures of things, webdesigning, and playing videogames. I like games such as Fatal Frame, Guilty Gear, MvC2, DDR, Bloody Roar, Strider, Dead or Alive, Pokemon (older than silver/gold) and more. If you must know, I'm a bit goofy. silly, nice. Okay I don't bite. I hope to make some friends on here (along to learn Japanese with). bye!
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RE: Hi everyone =)

Postby Christian_ » Sun 03.26.2006 12:04 am

Hi, I hope you find the site helpful, feel free to ask any questions. 3 things I must warn you about are.

Stay away from the general chat, romaji and dont go to far into anime, theres a lot more than anime to Japan/Japanese.

Anyway have fun here, I hope you learn a lot. B)
1) Have decent proficiency in Japanese, enough to get around/talk/read/write.
2) Visit Japan for a week or so one summer.
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RE: Hi everyone =)

Postby tanuki » Sun 03.26.2006 12:11 am

Kurisuchan wrote:
Stay away from the general chat

Words of wisdom...if someone had just told me that when I joined :). I learned the hard way.

Welcome, Stephanie/Pikachu/falchion-san! I hope you like it here!
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RE: Hi everyone =)

Postby falchion » Sun 03.26.2006 12:17 am

Thanks Kurisuchan and tanuki. I used to watch a bunch of anime before (when it showed on Toonami), but sometimes I get tired of listening to people talking excessively about anime and obsessing over something. sorry if that sounded mean. I also like doing origami. I find it fun and somewhat relaxing. But I like making those Paper shurikens. but I don't throw them at people because they can hurt. http://flickr.com/photos/efinistic/109924856/
I'm also interested in the culture, mythology and history of Japan. I admire how there's this specific area (I'm not sure about the name), but a bunch of cosplayers gather there. I saw pictures and some looked nice. ugh I wish I could make costumes.
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