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Postby Ashurii » Sun 03.26.2006 4:37 pm

I guess I should try and get out of lurker mode. ^^;


I'm a third year 日本語 (what the heck I'll do.. no idea, don't ask :D) major at the University of Pittsburgh. I also took Japanese in highschool but by the end of the first semester at Pitt I was done with everything from HS, so I don't really think it counts~ ^^; The program here is a lot more conversationally intensive than it is writing so my 漢字 skills lack HORRIBLY. :( I only have knowledge of about 400 characters (and can only remember half at a time!) so forgive me if some of the more advanced members speak to me and I take a day or two to answer (no doubt I'll be clinging to my kanji dictionary =p).

This site seems really great for everyone from beginning to advanced speakers and I'm sure I'll have fun here! It's also really nice to find a Japanese site that isn't "OMFG ANIME" (not that anime is a bad thing) and actually has people that are interested in history and literature of Japan. Personally I am infatuated with Japanese history and politics and if I could afford to get a masters in Japanese I would love to be a translator for some sort of politician that deals with US-Japan relations.

Anyway sorry to ramble!


Edit: Also! I've been looking for a good electronic dictionary and this is the one I've been looking at recently http://store.aikotradingstore.com/nesesr4.html. I'm planning on something that will do well for me longterm, but not cost an arm and a leg as I'm only a college student right now! THanks for your help in advance. ^^
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