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xin chao - konbawa ...

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xin chao - konbawa ...

Postby bich_ngoc » Mon 04.10.2006 7:46 am

;) I'm Vietnamese, now I'm living in Hue city, Vietnam. I'm very glad to see everybody, now I try to learn Japanese for my future job. Actually, I just know some words of Japanese, but I hope I can say Japanese fluently, because I like to learn Japenese very much.
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RE: xin chao - konbawa ...

Postby TrilinguisT » Sun 04.16.2006 7:16 pm

hi, im american kampuchea ... gambatte!
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RE: xin chao - konbawa ...

Postby pikctsach » Sun 04.16.2006 7:41 pm

Hi Ngoc, I'm Vietnamese, too. Gannbatte ne! I believe this page can help you much.
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