Hello from Santa Fe

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Paul De Stefano
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Hello from Santa Fe

Post by Paul De Stefano » Thu 04.13.2006 6:35 pm

I am a 52 year old physician. Five years ago I took an evening course to learn Japanese as a hobby. I got hooked on the language and the culture. I passed the level 3 JLPT Dec 2003.
I visited Japan for the first time March 2005. I had to return to my busy medical practice just as the cherries were coming into bloom in Kyoto and Tokyo.

I am interested in the Reading Club.

I also practice acupuncture and prescribe Kampo and Chinese Herbal medicine for my patients.
I would be happy to dialogue about how a western-trained American physician is trying to integrate concepts of Oriental Medicine into Western Medicine.

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RE: Hello from Santa Fe

Post by TrilinguisT » Sun 04.16.2006 6:46 pm

oriental medicine - HAHAHAHAHAHa [why not eastern medicine?]

anyways, i am 17 year old highschool student. i studied japanese 4 years ago throughout my highschool career.. nice to meet you.

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