studing nihongo

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studing nihongo

Post by Kojin » Fri 04.14.2006 10:15 pm

Some time i study japanese for hours and it just dont stick
when i wake up the next morning cant remember anything

if any one have any tips you can give me for studing vocab and kanji i will be glad if you can, can you tell me how you study

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RE: studing nihongo

Post by nick-san » Fri 04.14.2006 10:40 pm

Kanji: Couldn't help you. NOT my strong point
Vocabulary: do a search on for O genki desu ka. i found a great website with like 70 lessons that stuck on me really well

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RE: studing nihongo

Post by kanadajin » Fri 04.14.2006 10:44 pm

studying for a long time isn't good.

Right now I'm studying Vocab. What I do is use the words I learn at random times, even if it doesnt make sense. for example i just learned "kochira koso" (same here) My friends would say something to me and I would just say kochira koso.. Also Sometimes I write down the world a few times in japanese and english for example..

wakari = understanding

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RE: studing nihongo

Post by Tegan » Fri 04.14.2006 10:45 pm

Maybe you're studying too much at a time? Maybe just study 3 kanji a day, or pick out a list of vocab you want to work on and do a little each day making sure to review what you've done before.

Learning a language takes a long time, but if you take it piece by piece it will be simpler than if you try to tackle it as a whole.:)

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RE: studing nihongo

Post by Christian_ » Sat 04.15.2006 12:25 am

kanadajin wrote:
studying for a long time isn't good.
I can't stress that enough. Its good to study with no distractions, alone, silently in short intervals, I also have read its good to study before sleep.
1) Have decent proficiency in Japanese, enough to get around/talk/read/write.
2) Visit Japan for a week or so one summer.

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RE: studing nihongo

Post by sarcastic_enigma » Sat 04.15.2006 12:43 am

I do the same thing kanadajin does. I say and try to use some japanese words everyday whenever. I also just go sections at a time when I study. It works for be better when I'm in the mood for reading. Also, don't try to take too much on at a time.

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RE: studing nihongo

Post by colorpen » Sat 04.15.2006 12:47 am

the learning process should be enjoyable... i don't force myself to study a fixed hours everyday... thats just stressful
being exposed to the language through anime.. surfing the net will help..
some phrases/words that i cannot remember or seems so difficult to pronounce when i first encounter them gets easier as i get exposed to it a few more times.. so i guess exposing yourself to the language through as many different ways as possible will help

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RE: studing nihongo

Post by cori » Sat 04.15.2006 2:08 am

You have to make a memonic for each word. Relate it to something you know.
example.. daisukidesu だいすきです I REALLY LIKE skiing so I think... I would DIE to go SKI = DIE-SKI. For those that are new daisukidesu means you really like something.
some of these you may have to work at because they don't always have a memonic for everything and not each one will work for someone else. you have to relate it for yourself. Finding them is like solving a puzzle at times but I promise when you do you will never forget it! がんばって下さいね! :)


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RE: studing nihongo

Post by aKuMu » Sat 04.15.2006 3:49 am

better study every day for 30minutes or so, instead of every other day for 2 hours or more. if you cant remember a word directly, be patient. sometime you will know. but dont focus only on that word, try try to learn new words and then look up the other word here and then.(write) sooner or later youll get it ;)

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RE: studing nihongo

Post by hungryhotei » Sat 04.15.2006 6:35 am

The best way to study vocabulary - Kanji Flashcards!

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