Never too late, or is it?

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Never too late, or is it?

Post by FireEater » Tue 04.18.2006 5:13 am

Many years ago I had a colleague of Japanese origin and one day I had to answer his phone on which was a Mr Yamada. On the message I left for my colleague I informed him that said Yamada had called, only devious dabbler that I am, I scribbled the kanji for Yamada. This intrigued him and I learned plenty about things Japanese that way.

Then time went on and our ways parted. Things Japanese receded way into the background. I often missed them, and so I was really happy to find this web site the other day. I dare say there's plenty I do not know, and I love to learn.

When I'm in my cups I often sing inochi mizikashii, which I picked up from Kurosawa's Ikiru, but I'd like to think I could progress somewhat beyond that little sentimental accomplishment.


Ms SomeONe
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RE: Never too late, or is it?

Post by Ms SomeONe » Tue 04.18.2006 5:20 am

yea ikiru is a good film i will watch it again
just see who is it :p

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RE: Never too late, or is it?

Post by coco » Tue 04.18.2006 5:42 am

That song is called ゴンドラの歌( Gondora-no Uta/ a song of Gondola).
You can hear and read the lyrics on this site. I love this song too.
When you learn all Hiragana, you can sing it. I think soon you can.
*The lyrics was written in 1915 by 吉井勇 (著作権保護期間終了)
Welcome to TJP. NEVER too late.;)
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