Hi all I am new! ^-^'

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Hi all I am new! ^-^'

Post by animegoth666 » Fri 05.13.2005 7:18 pm

Hello everyone, I am from the Uk, and wanting to learn everything there is to know about the Japanese language.
you can add me to Msn or yahoo (check profile) or just help by pm here hehe ^_^

anyways about me, I am 21, gothic, love anime, computer games, j-rock and j-pop, anything Japanese really XD
My dream is to live in Japan, and I started watch and plying computer games at the age of 4 ^^

I am pretty hyper, but not to hyper unless I have had sweets XD

thats about all really, I hope to meet tones of new people, and make new freinds! thanks for reading and take care -bows- :3

Ja ne! ^_^

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RE: Hi all I am new! ^-^'

Post by sk8er_wolf » Fri 05.13.2005 7:55 pm

sup? hope u like it here. juz a simple question. (im from the u.s bye the way) is there any good gothic jpop or jrock? i dont know but if u like jpop/jrock i advise u to listen to asian kung fu generation if you dont already.
roc on.
i like naruto.

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RE: Hi all I am new! ^-^'

Post by Hijiku » Tue 05.17.2005 2:40 pm

Konnichiwa!(by now you should know what that means) it's good4 us 2have more&more people here. if u need a friend, I'm here.:D
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RE: Hi all I am new! ^-^'

Post by SanguisPluvia » Tue 05.17.2005 3:23 pm

A UK goth, kickin...... I'm here if you want to pm me or chat....lets be friends... :D oh yeah and hajimemashite..... :P
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RE: Hi all I am new! ^-^'

Post by ShinDig » Fri 05.20.2005 10:46 am

hajimemashite :)

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