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Postby Tinuviel » Thu 05.19.2005 2:15 am

Hello all :) I am new to this forum I live in Australia and have been learning Japanese for about 5 years now. My other interests are in music and musicial instruments. My favourite books are fantasy and mysteries.

I've been searching around the web a lot to try and find some Japanese forums where I can learn new things and get to know people who learn the same language as I do -so far this place looks great :D.

I have a question to ask you all -how do you memorise your vocabulary? I have tried so many different techniques but can not manage to have anything stay there for any amount of time. I manage to learn Kanji because I link the picture with something that helps me remember the meaning, however I cannot seem to remember vocab. Any tips would be great -or if there is a thread addressing this already if you point me in the right direction (as I'm still finding my way around) -I'll go there and read it and post any further questions I have there (as I understand that repeat topics can be most annoying ;) ). Anyway thank you all and I hope to get to know you around the forums. :D
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