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Hi Hi! ^^

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Hi Hi! ^^

Postby Wolfie » Sun 05.29.2005 2:18 am

I just joined this site like...five minutes ago. It's awesome. =D Anyways, let me introduce m'self. My (nick)name is Wolfie, i'm 12, i've been learning japanese since I was in 4th grade. Though, I wasn't very serious about it back then. However, now I am studdying very hard. Also, I am an anime/manga fan. I want to learn japanese so I can communicate with my family in Japan without my grandma translating everything for me. xD

If someone wants to study with me, feel free to ask. if you want to talk, thats dandy as well! =D

~Ja ne
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RE: Hi Hi! ^^

Postby DivineMacabre » Sun 05.29.2005 12:25 pm

hehe...hello! Again:) Two newbi's welcoming eachother...ehhehe
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RE: Hi Hi! ^^

Postby ShinDig » Sun 05.29.2005 12:45 pm

lol..welcome both of you..:)
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RE: Hi Hi! ^^

Postby Cherie061403 » Sun 05.29.2005 1:18 pm

Welcome, I too am a newbie. Thats neat that you've been learning since the 4th grade! ^_^
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