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Post by keiko » Mon 05.30.2005 1:16 pm

my name is keiko, i'm a 22 year old girl living in central california.

my love for japan started back in high school when i discovered anime. since then, i've taught myself hiragana (katakana is next baby!), visited japan for a week (must get back there!), integrated japanese music into my collection, done a little cosplay, perfected the use of chopsticks, eaten more ramen than your average broke college student, learned to cook traditional japanese foods, made a kimono, worked with an american manga artist and apprenticed to a master anime wig stylist. and i'm not done yet! i've picked up a very tiny amount of japanese, but i'd really like to know more and be able to communicate the next time i visit japan.

well, that's me and my history with all things japanese! i look forward to learning more! ^_^

ja mata!

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RE: hajimemashite!

Post by kossori » Mon 05.30.2005 1:54 pm



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RE: hajimemashite!

Post by Daisuke » Mon 05.30.2005 2:57 pm

Welcome to the forums, i hope you will have fun. ;)

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RE: hajimemashite!

Post by ShinDig » Mon 05.30.2005 3:47 pm

Hajimemashite :)..
Wow, you worked with an anime artist!!? i would love to do something like that :)

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