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Hello everyone..=^_^=

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Hello everyone..=^_^=

Postby Sephira » Fri 06.24.2005 5:00 pm

Wow..this place is overwhelming..anyways I hope I can make some friends here! I also wanna learn Japanese..I don't know anything about the language..can anyone help me? thanks! message me too! let's chat! ;)
Hello everyone!! =^_^\'= Make friends with me!
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RE: Hello everyone..=^_^=

Postby dragon89 » Fri 06.24.2005 6:02 pm

はじめまして. No worries about not knowing anything, that's why your hear isn't it. Too learn nihongo? ^_^
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RE: Hello everyone..=^_^=

Postby Forever Yours » Sat 06.25.2005 8:39 am

I think most people aree here to learn Nihingo..........I dont think any ones here to learn Eigo......And hajimemashite Sephira.......welcome to the lil family or frind kinda warm-ish kinda felling kinda thing goin on here lol
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RE: Hello everyone..=^_^=

Postby Daisuke » Sun 06.26.2005 11:50 am

Welcome. I hope you will find the site useful. There are lots of helpful people here, so feel free to ask your questions.. (In the right forum sections)

Have fun.. :)
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