hi from hayman island

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hi from hayman island

Post by ozlizzard » Mon 06.27.2005 7:09 am

just a little thanks to clay and the team.. love the site.. quite helpful and full of insightful and useful tips.
about me.. i used to live in nagoya.. worked as a nova teacher for 18months. absolutely loved it.. best thing i've ever done.
i now live and work here ---> http://hayman.com.au
my american room mate over there has his own comic strip.. a lot of them are quite influenced by life in japan.. check it out

keep up the study.. i'm trying but my japanese still sucks.

(sorry about the post in the rules bit...)

Forever Yours
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RE: hi from hayman island

Post by Forever Yours » Mon 06.27.2005 11:27 am

Welcome and hajimemashite ozlizzard.....hope you find it fun and expierienceful lol.......nice to see yet another new....eeto...face....or name :S
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