greetings from cheerycheezy

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greetings from cheerycheezy

Post by cheeryCheezy » Tue 06.19.2007 1:26 pm

hi everyone,
i'm nieke from indonesia. yoroshiku :)
i just learned japanese language for about 2 months, so i'm still very new. :)
i have lot of trouble in memorize new vocab, structure, etc. i'm very bad at it :(
but i really want to learn this.
this forum seems to be the answer to my frustation lol :D
anyway, i'll try my best to keep study .


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RE: greetings from cheerycheezy

Post by hopu-chan » Tue 06.19.2007 4:05 pm

I've been studying for about two months too! ;)
It's very hard...

P.S.You can't be worse than me!!! :D
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RE: greetings from cheerycheezy

Post by paulrowe » Tue 06.19.2007 5:07 pm


I've been studying for several years and I still have trouble retaining vocabulary, but that's because I don't focus on the vocabulary. Practice helps a lot!
Paul Rowe

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RE: greetings from cheerycheezy

Post by Zinzo » Tue 06.19.2007 6:01 pm

Yes, this website is a great place to learn Japanese. Also, if you have a question, feel free to ask for help. Keep in mind that you can use the "Search" feature to look if it has been answered already. Gambatte!

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