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Post by Tiggzie » Mon 07.04.2005 9:04 pm

My name is Jessica and I am trying (TRYING) to learn Japanese on my own. Easier said than done and that's why I am here :) .

By the way, I have a question: Do names get translated from English to Japanese? I've noticed sometimes names don't stay the same, ie Smith gets changed to Sumisu or Jason gets changed to Jeson. Doesn't happen all the time I guess...still, how do you know what your Japanese name would be?


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RE: Hola

Post by lomagu » Mon 07.04.2005 11:43 pm

Names don't really get translated. Your name is just your name with Japanese pronounciation. For example with Smith, there is no "th" sound in Japanese so they use "su" instead. I guess your name would be pronounced as "Je-see-kah"
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