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Daisy the Sorceress
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Post by Daisy the Sorceress » Sat 07.23.2005 11:13 am

I am Daisy the Sorceress (pardon the name, it's for humour purposes:D). I am a young student from the UK who is about to do her A2 levels.

I've always wanted to learn a rather difficult language. I already done my French GCSE and I know a little Spanish. I'm also quite keen on different cultures, including the Japanese one (why else would I be here?). I would also like to learn any of the Chinese languages (Mandarin or Cantonese) as well as Japanese.

Until I got a Japanese Playstation 2 (mainly for the sole purpose of playing Xenosaga, Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix and Final Fantasy X-2 International) I didn't seriously consider trying a to learn bit of Japanese. I have managed to play Final Mix quite easily with the help of translation guides, but even so, I felt that it wouldn't hurt to know a little bit of Japanese myself. And as I said, I always wanted to take on a difficult language.

I already know a few Japanese words - such as how to say hello, goodbye (konnichiwa, sayonara) and few random words which could come handy in the future! However, I can't actually read Japanese yet, which could take time.

Well, most of my connections with Japan are through videogames, but I am also a keen musician and that has helped me get addicted to Koda Kumi and Utada Hikaru!

My other hobbies are riding, playing the piano and flute, shopping and writing fanfiction. Yes, my life is pretty boring. Anyway, hello!:)

Forever Yours
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RE: Hello.

Post by Forever Yours » Sat 07.23.2005 1:32 pm

WOO!....Utada Hikaru.....and welcome ot the forum.....Hajimemashite....Good luck learning Japanese ^^
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