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宗田理 - おかしな訪問者

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宗田理 - おかしな訪問者

Postby jenl » Fri 01.18.2008 12:46 pm

I managed to pick up a slightly battered copy of this for all of £1 at a charity shop over the holidays - I can just about understand it if I (a) take it slow and (b) accept that I won't know every word. It's the latter that I'm bad at, because my instinct is to reach for the dictionary, even if I get the gist of the sentence without having to know the exact meaning of that adverb...

Not to be confused with おかしなおかしな訪問者 which appears to be the translated title of a French movie from 1993. ;)

Anybody else read any works by this author?

ETA: I just have to quote one line from this, because it made me laugh. The main character, 幹太(かんた), got in trouble at school for fighting and forgetting his homework and his homeroom teacher, 倉地(ぐらち), hit him with a 竹刀 as punishment.

He thinks: 倉地のやつ、同じところを二回もなぐりやがったんで、こぶが二階建てになっちまった。
I translate as: That bastard Gurachi, hit me twice in the same place and now the lump's two stories high.

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