Poetry help...?

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Poetry help...?

Post by JadeFire19 » Sun 02.03.2008 4:50 pm

My school is going to a foreign language poetry competition in April and I would like to recite a Japanese poem for it. The problem is, the poem has to be 14-20 lines long, and I'm having trouble finding one that fits that requirement. So, I turn to you for help. Does anyone know of a poem I could use? I would need the full text of the poem, but would prefer ふりがな on any of the 漢字, so I can read it. Translations are not needed, but would be helpful. I would be entering in the level 2 category, if that makes any difference.



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RE: Poetry help...?

Post by clay » Sun 02.03.2008 4:53 pm

Since haiku is the representative of Japanese poetry, you may want to ask if you can't recite several haiku together to get the full 14 lines.
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RE: Poetry help...?

Post by katafei » Sun 02.03.2008 5:15 pm

If you go down this page, you'll come across a 14 line poem. No furigana, but no difficult kanji either...

O, and I just stumbled on another beautiful site!

and there are great poems to be found here

and here is another site with poems. Some, or at least the ones from Rin Ishigaki, have sound files.
wow, you really inspired me to a great search here!!!
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