Yosano Akiko poem help

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Yosano Akiko poem help

Post by Talie » Wed 03.19.2014 8:57 pm


Could you please help me to find this Yosano Akiko poem in Japanese?

Not speaking of the way,
Not thinking of what comes after,
Not questioning name or fame,
Here, loving love,
You and I look at each other.

The first time I saw it in Russian translation, but I'm almost sure this is the same one in English

(there are slight differences - in Russian there was nothing about "fame", and the ending resembled:
We do not pronounce vows "till death does us apart"
We just love,
The both of us.
but I think it's more to do with preserving the poem's mood & tanka style then translating the exact words)

I've been looking for the Japanese original everywhere, no luck at all.

Please, if anyone recognises it or has seen an English-Japanese Yosano Akiko poems anthology (French-Japanese would do too), please help or type a transcription here!

My gratitude would be sans limites....
Thank you,

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Re: Yosano Akiko poem help

Post by hariharidax2 » Thu 03.20.2014 9:08 am

This is a part of "Midaregami" (みだれ髪).
"Midaregami" (みだれ髪) is a collection of tanka.



道を云はず ... I don't care of the morality,
後を思はず ... I don't care of the future,
名を問はず ... I don't care of the fame,
ここに恋ひ恋ふ君と我と見る ... Now,I'm in love,You and I look at each other.

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