First emperor

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RE: First emperor

Post by S-san » Tue 05.09.2006 11:00 pm

Well, rather an okay Republican than a psychotic Liberal.
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RE: First emperor

Post by AJBryant » Wed 05.10.2006 1:16 am

And with that, I would like to suggest <ahem> that we drop the politics and get back to Japanese.


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RE: First emperor

Post by wasurenagusa » Wed 05.10.2006 1:47 am

Kaoru :Jimmu Tenno was the first emperor of Japan. You can find most of the information you need about him in this site
yur link was a very good & useful one ;) thanks

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RE: First emperor

Post by irairashiteiru » Wed 05.10.2006 1:49 am

Despite the politics and the bad blood, and i am deliberately ignoring american politics which have nothing to do with this site, (you yanks always seem to take over lol) there is a flip side, and i appoligise if someone has already said this. When Chinese academics want to study their own history, specifically linguistic history, they nearly always do so in Japan. As much of chinese/taiwanese records were lost during wars, etc. Japan (as with its historic links with china) still has written accounts of china's past, and specifically linguistic heritage.. I was suprised to here this from a fellow academic who is researching some abstract Taoist/language topic. quite interesting though.

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