The origin of the "Triforce"'s design.

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The origin of the "Triforce"'s design.

Post by torgosaves » Mon 05.29.2006 7:23 pm

I was just reading about the Triforce, and it seems that the shape of it is based on the 家紋【かもん】 of 北条氏 【ほうじょうし】. (*edit : deletion*) (*edit : addition*): The three triangles represent the three scales 鱗 【うろこ】.

Oh, and the shape is called a level 1 Sierpinski gasket. 8-)

What other interesting things do you know of, in video games, that are based on Japanese Culture, Religion, History, Etc.

I'll be looking up some others too! I enjoy a good hunt.


Edit note: I had accidentally stated beforehand that 鱗 was a clan name, when in actuality it meant scales. Silly me!
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