里見八犬伝 一巻

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RE: 里見八犬伝 一巻

Post by richvh » Tue 11.07.2006 7:38 am

Be unable to die, become a laughing stock, besmirch our name, and bring dishonor to our ancestors - I cannot do it.

Seems I left out a phrase - that sentence should start out 死ぬべきところで死ぬことができずに、
"Be unable to die at the place where I should die,..." etc.
Coco-san was spot-on with regard to the typos I made.
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RE: 里見八犬伝 一巻

Post by richvh » Tue 11.07.2006 5:32 pm

Some more paragraphs.

Yoshizane, because of his father's harsh words, heedlessly wept into his horses mane. Suemoto, meanwhile, disappeared into the melee. A warcry went up.
"We will be your companions. Let's get going," said the old Satomi retainers, Sugikura Kisosuke Ujimoto and Horinouchi Kurando Sadayuki. When they approached Yoshizane, Kisosuke took the reins of Yoshizane's horse and Kurando struck the horse's rump. Yoshizane and his retainers galloped off into the west. In those days, when Kusonoki Masashige sent his own child Masatsura home from Sakurai Station, he shed the same kind of tears of farewell.
Meanwhile, Suemoto, breathing a sigh of relief that Yoshizane had left, said, "That eases my mind. Well, let's get on with it," and headed for the enemy army with eight other warriors. Of the eight warriors, only one survived, and Suemoto died in the battle.

Questions: What's up with the last sentence in the second paragraph? Some sort of cultural reference? Did I interpret it correctly?
Did I understand the phrase starting 一人のこらえず in the last paragraph correctly?
Edit: Oh, yeah, what's with the retainers having three names? Is one of them a title? If so, what do the titles mean?
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RE: 里見八犬伝 一巻

Post by richvh » Tue 11.07.2006 10:12 pm

A few more paragraphs, while I'm at it and have a backlog of transcriptions:

The young Satomi, Yoshizane, through the guidance of Sugikura and Horinouchi, had up to this time passed through ten towns in his escape.
Every time the horses stopped, Yoshizane would say, "I wonder how Father is doing," and turn his head to face the way they had come. The roar of battle cries and screams of the wounded still continued. It seemed that already the castle had fallen, as the light from the roaring blaze lit the heavens. Yoshizane would try to go back, but he was always stopped by the two retainers and they would continue on their way.
They passed through Umade, Kurakake and Yanagizaka. Near Hinokubayashi, they sought an inn at Kusanoya. However, this was still in enemy lands.
Continuing in this manner, on the third day they reached Yatori Inlet in Sagaminokuni Miura. Weak with hunger and fatigue, they climbed onto a pine branch and saw the sea that the inlet led to. The waves were quiet, and the white gulls were sleeping.
Horinouchi Kurando pointed his finger to the other side of the sea and that those were the mountains of Awa. That mountainous cliff that looks like it was cut by a sword is called Nokokiriyama.
Rain fell, and the evening bells of the temple rang. They wanted to cross over to the land of Awa, but there wasn't even one boat. Kisosuke asked at the gate of a fisherman.
"Isn't there a boat that crosses the sea? Besides that, we're starving. If you have some food, can't you give us some?"
Thereupon a four or five year old boy said, "Our boat has been requisitioned during the long-continuing battle, and we can't fish. There's nothing for people to eat. Here, eat this," and threw a clod of earth. It looked like it might hit Yoshizane. Yoshizane caught it with his right hand.
Kisosuke grabbed the hilt of his sword, saying, "Impertinent brat!", but Yoshizane said, "Kisosuke, he's just a kid. Yesterday was yesterday, today is today. Don't make an enemy. The earth is the foundation of the country. Perhaps this is a sign that we will cross over to Awa, and that heaven will grant us that land," and taking three pieces of the clod, he put them in his bosom. Kisosuke's anger receded.
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RE: 里見八犬伝 一巻

Post by Oyaji » Wed 11.08.2006 4:10 am

It was a tearful farewell reminiscent of when, many years before, Kusonoki Masashige sent his own child Masatsura home from Sakurai Station.

Not even one of the eight warriors was able to survive, and Suemoto was killed as well.

Yoshizane stopped his horse many times and looked back, saying "What has become of my father?"

Near Hinokubayashi at least twenty warriors from Kamakura, having a great advantage, chased after them. Yoshizane's group was able to fight them off, and that night sought lodging at Kusanoya.
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RE: 里見八犬伝 一巻

Post by richvh » Wed 11.08.2006 3:33 pm

A few more paragraphs.

The rain became harder, along with thunder and lightning. Yoshizane and his retainer took shelter under the pines of the inlet. The wind and rain grew even stronger, and it was alternately pitch dark and brightly lit. Waves crashed, and piled up again.
Thereupon, from within the roiling masses of clouds, dazzling the eyes, a white dragon appeared. Giving off light, which was scattered by the waves, it flew off to the south. Shortly it rose into the south and disappeared into the clouds.
Yoshizane said to Kisosuke, "Kisosuke, did you see the dragon ascend...?"
Kisosuke replied, "I saw something like a dragon, but only its thigh and shining scales." Yoshizane nodded, "I also saw only the legs and tail. I really wish I had seen the whole thing. That dragon is Kamitsumono. Extol the face of the Emperor's favor with the dragon's face, and call upon the form of favor with the dragon's body. To anger it is called imperial wrath. Again, this is modeled on the dragon. Since I saw the tail and not the head, means that I will only receive this land. Kisosuke, you say you saw the dragon's thigh. With this, I can name you my right-hand man. Don't you think so?"
Kisosuke, impressed by Yoshizane's knowledge, said, "Truly, though you are young in years, you are well read. In the end, though I would serve you even unto Awa, there is no boat. Even if there is one, what has happened to Horinouchi Sadayuki?", thinking he had misunderstood.
"Don't doubt, Kinosuke. Your lord's flight from his troubles is coming to an end. Just wait until the moonrise," Yoshizane said with a smile.
An 18 day old moon rose from the sea. The breakers seemed to collect the gold, and spread out the jewels. Wondering if that was the Palace of the Dragon King, master and servant raised their hands, left the shelter of the trees, and approached the beach.
A single boat was being rowed from the direction of Misaki straight for their location. Standing next to the oarsman was Suginouchi Kurando.
"I had to go all the way to Mizaki to find a boat to borrow. At long last I found a fishing boat, but what with finding something to eat, and the storm becoming violent, I ended up being late."
When he said, "Kurando, if it weren't for you we probably would not be able to cross over to Awa. The gift of the earth clod, and the omen of the white dragon, let us speak of these things on the boat," the oarsman lifted his hand and beckoned, saying, "Both the moon and the wind are in our favor. Please, quickly board."
When Satomi and his retainer had boarded, the oarsman cast off the line, picked up his oar, and pointed the boat toward Awa.

I'm not too sure about Yoshizane's description of the dragon, and Kurando's description of his attempt to find food in Misaki (among other things), but that wraps up the first episode.
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RE: 里見八犬伝 一巻

Post by coco » Wed 11.08.2006 10:58 pm


以下Posted on 07-11-2006 21:12 から



「虚しい」の説明は難しい。 :p





楽しませていただいてます。 :)

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RE: 里見八犬伝 一巻

Post by coco » Thu 11.09.2006 8:43 am

Posted on 07-11-2006 21:12 の追加です。


〔二〕 白竜雲を挟みて南に帰く
Posted on 08-11-2006 14:33 から。

飯をかしがせ=飯を炊かせ ((誰かに)米を炊かせて) 



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RE: 里見八犬伝 一巻

Post by richvh » Thu 11.09.2006 9:46 am

The original text of the first 30 episodes is at this site in HTML and PDF form (it's better to use the PDF, as some characters aren't in the JIS character set so can't be reproduced in the HTML), which I think is easier to use than the National Library's photo-image version which Coco linked to above. I've tried using it to crosscheck some words, but finding my place in the classical Japanese can be a problem.

Here's the start of episode 2:

第二回 賊臣の城……景連・信時の密談
Episode 2: The Castle of Traitors... The Conspiracy of Kagetsura and Nobutoki
Originally, Awa was the southern tip of Fusanokuni. In ancient times there was no distinction drawn between the upper and lower sections, but later the names of Kazusa and Shimofusa were attached to them. The land was wide and fertile, and mulberry trees abounded. Much silk was produced. Long before, since the inhabitants had come from the land of Awa, it was given the name of Awa.
In the fall of the third year of the Jishou era, which Christians call 1179, when Minamoto Yoritomo raised the flag of the Minamoto Restoration at Ishibashiyama, he fled to Awa. At that time, Maro Gorou Nobutoshi, Anzai Saburou Kagemori and Toujou Shichirou Akinori, the three lords of Awa, gave him their support and showed peerless spirit. When the Minamoto clan unified the country, Yoritomo distributed the four parts of Awa among these three men. After that, peace reigned for many years.
What was the situation when Yoshizane and his retainers arrived in this land?
At that time, the master of Takita Castle in Heguri was Jin'yo Nagasanosuke Mitsuhiro of the Toujou clan, the master of Tateyama Castle was Anzai Saburou Tayuu Kagetsura, and the master of Hiradate Castle was Maro Kogorou Hyoue Nobutoki.
Among these, Jin'yo Mitsuhiro's power had increased the most, and besides the original territory of the Toujous, he had seized land from the Anzai and Maro families. He was the master of half of all Awa. Lord Mitsuhiro was proud and given to debauchery for days on end. Among his many concubines, the woman called Tamazusa held his affections.
Tamazusa influenced the rewards and punishments of the Jin'yo retainers. Hence, those with genuine affection for Mitsuhiro left, and all that remained were schemers.
Among those remaining was Yamashita Sakuzaemon Sadakane. This man was fair of skin, with bushy brows, a high nose, red lips and tender of speech. With these he flattered Tamazusa, and finally won her heart.
Mitsuhiro was unaware of this infedility, and besides that entrusted Sakuzaemon with the management of his lands. Therefore, Sakuzaemon ignored Lord Mitsuhiro and imposed high taxes on the peasants.
In a village near Takita lived a peasant named Aomiko Somaki Bokuhei. This man was skilled in the martial arts, and had a strong spirit. He talked to his partner Sugiki Mukuzou about the peasants suffering from the disorder of the Jin'yo, and the misdeeds of Sakuzaemon, and planned to kill him.
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RE: 里見八犬伝 一巻

Post by richvh » Sat 11.11.2006 10:14 pm

A few more paragraphs.

Mukuzou said, "When Sakuzaemon goes out on an excursion, he probably won't have many followers. Let's wait for that day."
However, Sakuzaemon had detected Bokuhei's conspiracy. He increased the number of his attendants during his outings, and avoiding walking around at night.
Meanwhile, Mitsuhiro's debauchery continued unabated. He said, "It's been a while since I've been out of the castle. Since I haven't been hunting for quite a while, let's go hunting tomorrow."
Sakuzaemon Sadakane replied, "Since the peasants are busy farming now, let's go in secret. I'll serve as your attendant."
"That's just the thing. We should limit the number of followers," Mitsuhiro said.
The day before the hunt, when Sakuzaemon left the castle, he secretly ordered the village elders of Ochiba and Aomuki to gather at his manor.
"Since I've gotten a rare holiday, I'm planning on hawking at thus and such a place. Take note of this."
The village elders hurried back to their respective villages and spread the information throughout the villages. Of course, it came to the ears of Somaki Bokuhei and Mukuzou. The two of them rejoiced, "Finally, the day has come. It's tomorrow." Taking their bows and arrows, they hid themselves where the summer grass grew thick on a hill north-east of Ochibanawate. They were also shielded by old pines.

*I suspect this should be 弓矢, but it's definitely 弓失 in the edition I'm using.
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RE: 里見八犬伝 一巻

Post by richvh » Sun 11.12.2006 5:19 pm

A few more paragraphs.

A rooster's cry hailed the dawn. Mitsuhiro, accompanied by 8 or 9 attendants including Nako Shichirou and Amatsu Hyounai, left Takita Castle. Yamashita Sakuzaemon Sadakane also accompanied him, riding a white horse.
Lord Mitsuhiro and his followers had barely gone a thousand yards when the forelegs of the horse that Mitsuhiro was riding suddenly collapsed. Mitsuhiro also fell, but Nako Shichirou and Amatsu Hyounai hurriedly helped him up. This was because Sakuzaemon had arranged for fodder mixed with poison to be fed to this horse.
Sakuzaemon nimbly dismounted from his white horse and said to Mitsuhiro, "Because this is a secret hunt, we didn't prepare a horse for you to switch to. Please use my horse." Mitsuhiro nodded, mounted Sakuzaemon's white horse, adjusted the stirrups, and rode off.
And then, he approached Ochiba Hill near Ochibanawate where the summer grass grew thick. That is where Somaki Bokuhei and Suzaki Mukuzou lay hidden intending to attack Sakuzaemon.
Since he's riding a white horse, there is no doubt. That is Yamashita Sakuzaemon Sadakane," Bokuhei said as he nocked and arrow and drew his bow. The first arrow stuck Mitsuhiro in the breast, and he fell from his horse. Mukuzou released a second arrow, which struck him in the neck. Mitsuhiro was dead.
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