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Army Photographers & Kamikaze pilots

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Army Photographers & Kamikaze pilots

Postby gwendy85 » Tue 01.02.2007 10:19 am


I'd like to ask some questions on WWII.

How were army photographers chosen (especially those during the Philippine campaign in 1941 - 1942)? Were these army photographers also soldiers? Professional photographers? Or simply soldiers given cameras? Were they required to fight or were they simply there to take pictures?

And for the Kamikaze pilots especially those launched within the Philippines, were they all veterans or were some rookie pilots? And how were they chosen? Of course, several volunteered, but I also read about pilots being given a piece of paper and told to mark O if they volunteer and X if not.

Can anyone clear me up on this? Thanks!
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RE: Army Photographers & Kamikaze pilots

Postby chrischi » Tue 01.02.2007 10:38 am

In my opinion(not an expert, mind you), those photographers were either very bold (and brave) civilians who were lucky enough to take some quick snaps at the ideal time without losing a limb, or they were indeed soldiers themselves who just had enough free time to take some pictures, or that their forces had relatively good control of the area and it was safe enough.
I should think using kamikaze pilots was a very extreme and desperate measure for the Japanese forces. However, it was to them considered an honour to sacrifice themselves in the name of their Emperor(due to large amounts of great devotion and loyalty), and it was also proven a very effective method. (Death of one pilot to death of allied soldiers ratio > very efficient)
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RE: Army Photographers & Kamikaze pilots

Postby Kagemaru » Tue 01.02.2007 11:03 am

This should get you going on your way.

As for the photographers, possibly like the Germans had, special units were attached assigned by the propaganda ministry to film and photograph seemingly heroic displays to be then spoon fed to the masses.

Soldiers did have there own cameras and did take photos. Wonderful when contradicting to both the German and Japanese testimonies during the war crimes tribunal attempting to play down atrocities committed.
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RE: Army Photographers & Kamikaze pilots

Postby gwendy85 » Tue 01.02.2007 3:35 pm

Hey! Thanks!

So, soldiers can have their own cameras, eh? They were free to bring them or did they have to ask their superiors permission?

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