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Practice writing through literature.

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Practice writing through literature.

Postby vhcoffee » Tue 03.13.2007 3:55 pm

I put this in another thread, but I thought I'd put it here too.
Lately in Japan there have cropped up a number of books
with excerpts from famous works of Japanese literature handwritten
by professional calligraphers. The hand written text is very light gray
with the intention that the user of the book can trace over the calligraphy
in pencil. I've found these books to be not only a good sample of
Japanese literature, but a good way to improve my penmanship skills.
You can kind of develop a feel for good handwriting and train your
hand muscles to do this automatically. I usually scan the pages in
and then print them out so I can do this over and over again and not
ruin the book for future use.

Here is one that you can search for in your local Japanese bookstore
or at amazon.co.jp.

えんぴつの旅・松尾芭蕉 野ざらし紀行
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RE: Practice writing through literature.

Postby CajunCoder » Tue 03.13.2007 5:13 pm

Alas, if only all of these "local [insert obscure hobby here] stores" existed! But then, it may be for the best that I have no local Japanese bookstore; for if I did, I would surely have no money as soon as I found it :p

I don't mind buying things online, but it takes a lot more research with things such as books, since you can't just flip through them. At any rate, this concept is very interesting! I definitely need to improve my handwriting, and writing characters help me to remember them. Could you give a short description of what 野ざらし紀行 is about?
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RE: Practice writing through literature.

Postby vhcoffee » Tue 03.13.2007 6:12 pm

It's the travel journal of the Haiku poet Matsuo Basho. You can also find it at yesasia.com, which is easier than ordering from amazon.co.jp.


another example, this time with excerpts from well know classics of Japanese literature.

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