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Secondhand Item Stigma in Japan

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Secondhand Item Stigma in Japan

Postby Tamrink » Wed 04.10.2013 11:44 am

Hi all i was wondering do you feel there is a stigma towards secondhand items in Japan?

Also could you please do my 5 minute survey for my dissertation?

Hi all,
I am studying Secondhand Item Behaviour in Japan as part of my Dissertation Project and i was hoping some people could complete my survey for me. I would also be very appreciative if you could pass this on to other Japanese people.


Thank you,
Aaron Connor

私は四年生です。イギリスのユクラン(UCLAN) で勉強しています。このアンケートは私の最終的なプロジェクトの一部です。焦点は、日 本の中古品の態度や行動についてです。
18歳以上のだれもがアンケートに記入できます。研究の質は応答の大きさに比例する ので、より多くの人にこのアンケートを伝えてください。このウェブアドレスをお使いくだ さい。よろしくお願いします。


あなたの答えは自主的であり、すべての情報は秘密です 。答で個人が識別されません。すべての情報がグループとして収集します。
Aaron Connor
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Re: Secondhand Item Stigma in Japan

Postby Ongakuka » Thu 04.11.2013 4:50 am

Hi all i was wondering do you feel there is a stigma towards secondhand items in Japan?

I would say no, because there are a huge number of secondhand shops to be found both in the country and in big cities. It is possible that, many years ago during Japan's economic boom, such a stigma did exist (this is just my guess, you should ask other people about that.)

In Japan cleanliness and presentation are very important, so items that look worn down will not be attractive to Japanese people generally speaking. This is why even secondhand stores will often be stocked with pretty well kept items. In other words, if there is a stigma, I would argue that it be more to the actual quality of the item than whether it was used a lot beforehand.
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