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Post by Kenitai » Thu 09.25.2008 6:17 am

Have you ever experienced a situation involving lots of blood, that made you go really incredibly sick?

I suppose it doesn't have to be a reallife frontal situation, as I get dizzy, sick and all by just watching blood on television or videos. By the time I was watching Pitchrunner(involving Morning Musume girls) where at a particular scene, a girl cut her wrist and lost lots of blood into a bucket. And it got thrown over by another girl by surprise onto the floor... That made my eyes turn upwards due to incredible dizzyness. I guess you could say I would EASILY faint in a reallife situation, involving lots of blood, wether it'd be my own or not. :?

I guess this is for the blood-sensitive people. :D
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Re: Blood

Post by AJBryant » Thu 09.25.2008 5:51 pm


Thanks for sharin'. 8)


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Re: Blood

Post by weirdo36 » Fri 09.26.2008 5:55 am

Hum.. The bloodiest Situation I have ever been in was when I got my Wisedom teeth removed. And the blood made my feel sick even, because after waking up while having drinked youre own blood the entire night in youre sleep you really feel like getting something Fresh in youre stomach. Other then that im pretty good with blood, althought I always turn away my head when they take blood samples from me.

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Re: Blood

Post by Sairana » Fri 09.26.2008 6:05 am

My husband is a nursing assistant. He has witnessed tons of blood draws and WORSE things... open wounds, necrotic flesh, fecal matter in as many states as you can imagine. HOWEVER...

When my six year old daughter broke her ribs while sledding, and they went to draw her blood at the ER, he fainted. O.o You know, I thought that only happened in movies.

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