What did you dream about last night?

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Re: What did you dream about last night?

Post by Persanyu » Mon 01.25.2016 2:31 am

maboroshi638 wrote:Uhhh, I love the theme of this thread! Great idea!

Well... let me see.

Last night I dream that I was on a desert island and that there was this man on it. He told me that he was a pirate and that he was stranded.
However, he looked more like he was on a holiday to me. He had a sun bed and umbrella and a little table with a drink on it.
He was sitting at the top of the beach and behind him were palm trees and bushes. I walked around the palm tree closest to me and ended up in a clearing where a woman was hanging out some washing on a washing line that hung up in a big circle in the clearing.

When I went back to the beach the pirate's crew had arrived on a huge ship in order to rescue their stranded comrade. However, the stranded pirate on the beach said that he could not go just yet and went into the clearing to take down the washing.
But instead of taking down the men's clothing, he started taking down huge pink bloomers. (You know the kind of sexy underwear they used to wear in the middle ages which went down to your knees.) And he started putting them in a suite case in order to take them with him.
And then.......... I woke up. Probably because it got to weird.

And you lot probably think I'm crazy now, don't you? Well, you right I am barking mad. :P :wink:
A little late,thank you for sharing.

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