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Postby leonl » Mon 11.17.2008 9:57 pm

Why can't we have software like this for learning Japanese?

I discovered this site this weekend and have been very impressed, the only drawback I can find is that there Mandarin software doesn't teach hanzi.

What say you TJP?
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Re: Fluenz

Postby Sairana » Mon 11.17.2008 11:06 pm

Looks pretty awesome.

I wouldn't buy a Japanese version of the software because I'm already invested in Rosetta Stone and am quite content with it. However, for people who prefer this format, it would probably work wonders.

I'd be willing to bet that there isn't a Japanese version because being as comprehensive as they suggest they are would take a WHOLE lot more media than the other languages. Japanese, as contextual as it is, would make it very hard to live up to their language promises, IMHO. But then, those are just baseless guesses on my part. :P
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