Why isn't my penpal contacting me? :s

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Why isn't my penpal contacting me? :s

Post by Jpolnau » Sat 01.24.2009 10:34 am

Ok, so put up an ad on this site (japan-guide.com), and i was recently contacted by this japanese girl via email... I've included the exchange here.
So this was my response:
Konnichiwa, ****-san! This is Jonah. I'm glad that I found someone who has similar musical interests as me... What's your favorite Nine Inch Nails album? My favorite is The Downward Spiral, but I like The Fragile a lot too.
Your English actually seems pretty good! :) But if there's anything in particular that you need help with, I'll see if I can help. I've heard English is a hard language to learn.
I'm interested in your culture and traditions... What kinds of holidays do you celebrate in Japan? New Years is a pretty important holiday over there, isn't it? I've heard that Japan has a much more formal culture than over here in the United States. I'd like to learn about it.
So hopefully we can be good friends... Any time you want to talk about stuff, we can talk! And like I said, if you're ever struggling with your english, I'll try to help.
It's very nice to meet you! :D
She responded the very next day:
And this is my response:
I think you asked about holidays? Well, Christmas is our biggest holiday... It's a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, but most people who aren't religious still celebrate it because they enjoy being with family and exchanging gifts. Hannukah is like the Jewish version of Christmas, it lasts for seven days. I don't know much about Hannukah, but my uncle's family is Jewish so he celebrates it.
Other than Christmas, Thanksgiving is probably the most important holiday. We celebrate Thanksgiving to show that we're thankful for all the good things in our lives. Usually a family will gather for a meal, which is almost always turkey... But I don't eat the turkey because I'm vegetarian. I usually have fish instead.
Easter is another pretty big one, but not as much as Christmas... It's another Christian holiday. Young kids decorate hardboiled eggs with glitter and dye and then hide them. Then there's a race to see who can find the most eggs. My younger brothers and sister and I each get a basket on Easter morning filled with chocolate and candy.
Let's see... some other holidays are Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Martin Luther King Day.
So, sorry if you already knew all that! It's great to talk. Matane!

PS: Just wondering, what are some of the other bands you listen to?
...and it's been like, a week and she hasn't contacted me since. Did i say something to offend her??? Or should i just be patient? This is pretty new to me since i've never had a language exchange partner or anything like that before.

Thanks if you read all that.

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Re: Why isn't my penpal contacting me? :s

Post by Sairana » Sat 01.24.2009 10:45 am

Holy cow...

1. It's rude to post other peoples private correspondences.

2. Penpals usually stop responding after a few e-mails. There's no rhyme or reason for it, simply a fact of life you must get used to.

You should probably remove the text of your friend's e-mails.

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Re: Why isn't my penpal contacting me? :s

Post by richvh » Sat 01.24.2009 11:15 am

(Penpal's emails censored.)

Yup. The penpal who continues writing over the long time is rare. Also, you should understand that for your penpal to write you in your language rather than hers is a lot of work.
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Re: Why isn't my penpal contacting me? :s

Post by furrykef » Sat 01.24.2009 4:27 pm

Replacing the text with "*censor*" makes the exchange sound very dirty, though... :P
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