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Postby Zvono11 » Tue 09.29.2009 11:49 am

日本の車.....Is here anyone a big fan of Japanese cars??? I think that Japanese cars are the best after German cars....Honda, Toyota,Mazda, Suzuki,.... How do you like Jap. cars, and which one is your favourite???

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Re: 日本の車....

Postby 血まみれ剣術師 » Sat 10.03.2009 6:30 am

Forgive me, but this isn't a tuner website. I recommend this website: http://www.tunerfriends.com. I haven't been to that website in many years. I've honestly lost interest in tuner cars. I like anything that goes fast and puts your balls to the wall. lol

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Re: 日本の車....

Postby Mike Cash » Sat 10.03.2009 7:29 am

To me a car is nothing more than a mode of transportation from Point A to Point B.

Filling up the (small) tank in my car is enough to pretty much double its value.
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