"Summer Goals?": So, how did you do?

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"Summer Goals?": So, how did you do?

Post by Snowflake » Fri 09.03.2010 10:45 pm

Well, September is here, school's back in session for many and the weather will begin to turn soon, if it hasn't already. Almost exactly 3 months ago, forum member Tydin created a thread called "Summer Goals?", where people listed some of the things they wanted to accomplish over the summer (or winter, depending on your location -- hi, Chikara!). Here's a link to that thread --> Summer Goals

So, I'm wondering, for all of us who responded (and you, too, Tydin!), how did you do? Did you accomplish everything on your list? Are you happy with your progress?

I'll start: While I'm still not "lightning-fast" at recognizing kana, I'm much faster than I was in June. My sight vocabulary has increased tremendously. I've worked on my speaking skills. I'm sure I don't sound particularly Japanese but I'm pretty confident you'd understand me if I spoke. Particles and counters are tripping me up but, again, I'm much better than I was 3 months ago. All in all, I'm quite pleased with the progress I've made!

So, how about you?

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Re: "Summer Goals?": So, how did you do?

Post by phreadom » Sat 09.04.2010 3:06 am

Well, I didn't specifically study for the JLPT N5 like I'd said, but I made it a point to at least try to get a speck of Japanese study in each day. As a result I've made it through 4 of the Lessons in "Japanese For Everyone", and that's about 60 pages of progress. :) Better than nothing! ;)

I've realized that while I'm making some progress on that front, I've gotten a little rusty with the kanji I did know. I feel like the little dutch boy running around trying to plug the leaks in the dike. A new leak popping up each time I patch the last. :P

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Re: "Summer Goals?": So, how did you do?

Post by The Lady Ashuko » Sat 09.04.2010 3:02 pm

Well, I wasn't here to post in that thread but I did have a goal for the summer. It was a two parter - study/review one chapter of Minna no Nihongo every night all summer to prepare for the Japanese Placement Exam. Second half being to test out of the second year. Well, I failed at studying every night, I'm not sure if I did that once. But I did meet the second half so I suppose it's all good! :lol:

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Re: "Summer Goals?": So, how did you do?

Post by ピーター » Sun 09.05.2010 7:10 am

I'm reasonably satisified with what I got done this summer. Although I haven't done really as much work revising Kanji as I'd have liked, I managed to finish off Genki II. I also got started with Harry Potter, which was actually a pleasant surprise in how I found I could understand pretty well the vast majority of the grammar, and I've already picked up a fair bit of new vocab.

Although I'm not going to be taking an AS level class like I'd initially hoped, I'm going to be taking the exams privately. :)

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