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Alternative Genki Cover?

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Alternative Genki Cover?

Postby Ritz » Wed 03.23.2011 3:09 am

Not too sure what came over me, but I made an alternative to the Genki Textbook cover. For those not familiar with the old Genki cover, here's a uh difference shot. I don't plan to go anywhere with this, really. I just thought it'd be nice to just let others see a different Genki cover as I was about to delete it. In highschool I remember the new textbook covers being so modern and colorful. ...maybe it was just me, though. The second edition of Genki is bold~

On a side note, I used the same font and formatting that's used for Final Fantasy VII's Shinra Electric Company logo. (DFKai-SB) It...looks amazingly good. :sweatdrop:

Here's the .PSD if you wanna edit it a bit. (VERY big file, 42mb)
http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/5/16/ ... _sepia.psd


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Re: Alternative Genki Cover?

Postby Shiroisan » Mon 10.10.2011 2:06 am

Wow noone replied to this? I feel bad for Ritz, cause that looked amazing.
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Re: Alternative Genki Cover?

Postby TheEnglishKnitter » Mon 10.10.2011 7:33 am

I think the art of recovering text books has been sadly lost these days. I used to spend hours pressing flowers and scrambling around with sticky back plastic to cover school books.
I'm not suggesting kids spend hours learning to press flowers but even sweet wrappers these days have so much design in them they would work well with the old sticky back plastic.
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