Am I considered an outsider?

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Am I considered an outsider?

Post by LePenn » Sat 09.15.2012 6:14 pm

Hello all. I came to post here to ask a question and to confirm whether my hypothesis and observations are true.

As in introduction, I am a fan of Japanese culture, mainly for its cuisine, traditions and art (traditional art of course, its art) as well as the landscapes of Japan.

The other half, I am also interested in anime/manga/games too though. But unlike most "fans" my interests of Japan are split 50/50 between the ancient and traditional stuff and the modern pop-stuff.

Japan, being my hobby and interest, I thought I would find some like minded fellows thinking there might be folks that I can "just chill and have a beer/coffee/etc" with.

But as I look into it more, I feel that my personality is galaxies apart from most if not all people who are interested in Japan. For a lack of better word, I am referring to Japanophiles.

if you look at this guy here:

and the guys here:

Normally I would just brush this off as some nonsense, but as I search around the net more, I am finding that the beliefs and political views of most "people who like Japan" to be almost on opposite ends. Some of them also have accounts on stormfront too pleaing its community to accept Japan into their collective.

What makes Japan attract almost exclusively these kinds of people? Not so much the obsession with anime, but obsession with their political views.

To put it bluntly, I do like Japan it alot of what it has to offer. However I am not a "far right activist" like many Japanophiles which I come across commonly online.

To keep this thread from going to long, I will just say that I don't think I " sit down just chill out for a drink" with this guy:

Am I an outsider in the realm of Japan-fandom then? Assuming if most "people-who-like-Japan" are like that?

I always thought of meeting people perhaps even in person to expand my knowledge of Japan, share experience and tour together with people who have similar hobbies. Now I am unsure about wanting to associate with japanophiles, as I have friends of different backgrounds, many whom japanophiles hate or want eliminated. My concern is a disproportionate proportion of people who like japan tend to hold these views.

Is there a reason why moderate people or apolitical people don't have interest or not attracted to japan?

Your views would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Am I considered an outsider?

Post by Shiroisan » Mon 09.17.2012 1:37 am

Err definitely not an outsider.

If you're talking about those corners of the internet, than yes you may be an outsider. Trolls and Japanophiles galore. If you're talking about real life, then no. I'm studying abroad in Japan right now and it seems that most of my fellow studying abroad friends share the same basic pattern: Initially, an interest in videogames, anime or other pop-culture made them notice or think about Japan, but then OTHER interests in Japan's actual culture grew from there, so much that they wanted to study here, learn the language, and invest a lot of time and energy into assimilating as best they can to this society.

You'd find that people who have the superficial interest would never last the whole journey to fluency in Japanese, among other trials just to live here...

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Re: Am I considered an outsider?

Post by Brooklyn » Mon 09.17.2012 2:33 pm

Well yeah, there are a lot (and progressively more) of those people on internet. In general people don't mind to make a difference between those "fans" and a "true Japan(ese) respectuous fan".

The poeple you quoted acting like denying all Asia and thinking "Japan is the best", I bet a bill of 100$ that if there wasn't manga they wouldn't even know the difference between Korea and Japan. As I am speaking about Korea (South), I hate this kind of troll people because they're full of hatred and just want to make people think like them : I listen to Vocaloid songs, and one day I discovered a Korean new Vocaloid (SeeU) who's great and I love it, but in the coments of the video it was full of those "Trollfan" criticizing Korea and their work. When I saw that, I felt it unrespectuous for Korea, but also for Japan as a lot of people over there are trying to bring peace between those countries.

But you don't have to think everybody is like that, if you made few searchs over here, you probably noticed that we're not saying "Japan is the best" everywhere, maybe sometimes say "Crazy China" but we don't go futher.

You're not an outsider, because those people have nothing to do with Japan.

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Re: Am I considered an outsider?

Post by john2 » Mon 12.31.2012 7:49 pm

I learned english via audio cassette presumably also spelling, honestly japanese is definitely an awesome language. I think those are only a small tinny minority, however people at storm front are insane and try to co-opt things.
I deffinetly have a-lot of experience dealing with right wing extremist maniacs. :neutral:

I actually learned English via audio cassets{Seriously}, and special ed, as in for disabled people, with high IQ's.

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