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Hello! First Question Here; Curious Translation

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Hello! First Question Here; Curious Translation

Postby 山岡アンドリュ » Tue 10.07.2014 12:20 pm

Hello fellow learners and Japanese speakers! This is my first post here so I will quickly introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I have been learning 日本語 for around three or four months now. I try to replace as many words and phrases as I can with Japanese when writing or typing now just to constantly have Japanese in my memory; however I just wanted to keep this as quick and simple as possible as this question isn't of a serious nature what-so-ever.

I actually feel a little silly asking this as my first question since I normally am quite serious with my studies and like to try and learn more strictly until I am more comfortable with the language to avoid learning a lot of slang or develop bad habits with my speaking/writing. However I have listened to DJ Sharpnel for a long time and just today put on one of his albums for the first time in years and came up with a question. One song is called 風の中のすばる ~表現者たち~ Now; I know it is かぜのなかのすばる or kaze no naka no subaru (at least I assume it's no subaru rather than nosu baru) - I am curious though; as すばる referring to the car is actually written using スバル correct? And the translation I came up with basically was "Subaru in the wind". The last bit also intrigued me though as I am thinking this basically says "People's Expression/Presentation"? As you can likely tell; I am VERY new to learning Japanese but as I've made it through a good chunk of learning basic grammar now, I figured it would be a good idea to start working on creating and deciphering sentences myself; and I have been having fairly good luck with basic stuff that I find as practice material. However this was something I was certainly curious of as I couldn't really get a definitive explanation of Subaru in hiragana - the only other translation I ended up with was 昴 (The Pleiades) which... well... certainly makes sense if it is referring to the doves in the mythological story.

This brought me here though. I wanted to know whether this is maybe a phrase that is a common phrase in Japan? Or maybe something that is found in media often? It certainly is interesting to me nonetheless. Thanks a lot for any insight on this!
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