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Is anyone alive?

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Is anyone alive?

Postby gunslinger » Tue 04.21.2015 7:44 pm

Oh man it has been YEARS since posting here for me. Try 8 of them. Anyone still here frequently? Mods? Anyone? How am I the only person online?

This site is genius and I loved spending my time here back in the good old days. I hope whoever is reading this is doing well with their Japanese studies. Work hard, and never give up!
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Re: Is anyone alive?

Postby Ongakuka » Wed 04.22.2015 9:32 am

Hi gunslinger! :D

How are you doing, which part of Japan are you in now?

It's certainly true that things are less active these days but I think that makes it all the more meaningful when old members can catch up :)

All the best,

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Re: Is anyone alive?

Postby jimbreen » Wed 04.22.2015 9:25 pm

Ongakuka wrote:It's certainly true that things are less active these days but I think that makes it all the more meaningful when old members can catch up :)

It's funny how fashions come an go in forums. The first online Japanese forum I joined was the Usenet "sci.lang.japan" group, back in 1989. It was the only show in town and heaps of people all over the world used daily. Then along came the Internet, the WWW, etc., other forums emerged and good old sci.lang.japan dwindled until now it is just used by a few middle-aged guys.

A few years ago one of the departing younger sci.lang.japan people said that The Japanese Page was the go-to place for forum discussions. So I joined, and with some help from the sysadmins got it into my RSS feed (as I don't want to have to keep checking postings.) Since then I've watched the volumes go down until now it's even quieter than sci.lang.japan. A great pity as it has a lot of potential and has been very well built.

I guess my question is: "where have people gone?".

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Re: Is anyone alive?

Postby richvh » Thu 04.23.2015 11:37 am

Well, a couple (at least) of former posters are actually dead. The rest have moved to other places or other interests (the latter in my case, so I can't really say where the Japanese learner chatter has moved to. Some at least has probably moved to lang-8.com.)
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