Rules for the off-topic section--IMPORTANT!

NO SPAM ALLOWED! Discuss stuff not related to Japan or Japanese. The rules are the same in this forum as in the other forums.
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Rules for the off-topic section--IMPORTANT!

Post by Zeo » Fri 02.10.2006 6:46 pm

Here is the Off topic board people.

We will put 3 head rules for this forum:

1. Don’t make a diary here, that’s not what this board is for. Find another page for that.
2. We are not interested to hear about how your socks smell. You understand? Make serious threads for real conversations.
3. Don't offend people with your conversations. If you post something that you know would offend people seriously, we will consider your case and you’ll most likely be banned.

These rules are not for negotiation. If you don't like them, don't use the board.

Common sense should be that the standard rules for the forum counts here too.

- Daisuke and Zeo

Before posting anything, ask yourself whether or not someone else would find your post interesting or useful. If it's something only you will benefit from, please don't post it here.

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